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Many authorities exist as a representation of local Catalog records or Database Indexation (e.g. subjects, authors/persons, places, corporate names). Search Suggestions with Interactive Visualization preferred term suggestion empowers the retrieval of precise data by suggesting Preferred Terms, Broader/Narrower terms, and even equivalent English terms. It can also be another way to promote local Catalog records that are more suitable for that search. Interactive Visualization allows users to navigate the tree of non-preferred term, and thesauri like narrow, broader and related terms.

For non-English academic institutions and libraries who prize local or specialized authorities not found in discovery services or whose user base commonly performs non-English queries, Search Suggestions with Interactive Visualization is an app that can utilize local authority data to enhance an international discovery user’s search experience.

Several sources are currently available with this app:
a. Spanish Subjects, Names, Places, Corporations and Meetings Authorities with English terms (provided by UNAM)
b. French Subject and Name Authorities with English terms (provided by BNF)
c. German National Library authorities (GND) supporting Subjects, Names and Places

This app can be requested for free while in beta.



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