National Diet Library NDLSH (国立国会図書館)

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Search the National Diet Library via EBSCO Discovery Service or EBSCOhost. The National Diet Library is the only national library in Japan, similar in purpose and scope to the United States Library of Congress. It collects and preserves publications and other materials from inside and outside of Japan, and makes them available to a wider public. The Library aims to keep the library materials as the cultural assets of the Japanese people and make them available for future generations.

NDLSH (国立国会図書館件名標目表)は国立国会図書館で使われている件名標目表です。国立国会図書館典拠データ検索・提供サービスの検索結果として利用可能なNDLSHを使って、EDS上でさらなる検索を行うことが可能となります。

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