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API Plugins


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  • API interface for Yordam ILS

    Integrate EBSCO Discovery Service into your Library's Yordam ILS interface.

  • Blacklight Plugin

    Easily incorporate EBSCO Discovery Service into your existing Blacklight application with the Blacklight plugin.

  • BrowZine Integration

    Integration with BrowZine Journal Engagement Platform (http://thirdiron.com/)

  • Drupal 8

    Get your EDS content with Drupal 8.

  • Drupal Plugin

    Integrate EBSCO Discovery Service content and features with the Drupal plugin.

  • EMR Integration

    Integrate medical content from EBSCO into your electronic medical records (EMR) or Electronic Health System (EHS) services.

  • Java Sample App

    Construct your own Java app with the EBSCO Discovery Service API to search an index or organize search results.

  • Koha Plugin

    Access your library resources via the Koha plugin.

  • PHP Sample App

    Allows administrators to build their own customized applications using PHP - A popular and easy to learn program.

  • Unpaywall

    Use Unpaywall API to display link in result list.

  • VuFind Plugin

    Enhance how you access your EBSCO Discovery Service content via the VuFind plugin.

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